Taxpayers funding stadiums get nothing out of them

Letter to the Editor

July 22, 2011

Regardless of the Maryland Stadium Authority's decision ("Scarce funding imperils tennis center," July 21), the county should not spend precious taxpayer dollars on yet another unnecessary sports stadium.

Time and time again proponents of these structures promise revenue and jobs. Inevitably, the project comes in over budget and predicted financial benefits and job growth never happen. Both academic and mainstream literature abounds with studies and stories proving these projects only drain money from public treasuries while they line the pockets of the wealthy.

Sports are wonderful to play and watch. But when Howard County schools are crumbling and overcrowded, roads and bridges are aging and traffic-clogged, and public safety agencies are pinching every penny, stadiums are luxuries we can no longer afford. Since these edifices enrich only private interests, let private citizens, not the public's tax dollars, pay for them. Let's put precious public funds toward more important civic priorities.

Steve Walker

Ellicott City

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