Louis C.K. briefly feels bad about insulting Sarah Palin

July 22, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

Remember when comedian Louis C.K. got all hammered on rum-and-cokes at an airport and tweeted a whole bunch of nasty stuff about Sarah Palin? You know, the time he called her a "c---face" and a bunch of other things that weren't so much funny as they were mean? Or the time he was on a radio show and accused Palin of being a bad parent because she takes her mentally challenged son on stage with her? 

Well, according to the latest issue of GQ, C.K. feels really bad about that. 

"God, what a mess. I really shouldn't have done that. I regret it a lot. I wish I hadn't done that," he told the magazine. After expressing his regret, C.K. even sat in awkward silence for a moment with the GQ writer.

But then the moment passed.

"All that other s---, though, saying Palin had a Chinese family in her vagina and whatever, I don't regret that. It's comedy. I have said many indefensible things onstage. It's f------ comedy. Plus, I do believe if she got elected, she'd really Hitler up the place."

I guess some things never change. 

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