Speed camera locations change in Laurel

Cameras now on Van Dusen and Sandy Spring roads

  • Laurel Police Capt. Carl DeWalt (left) and Chief Richared McLaughlin (left) got a demonstration of Laurel's first speed camera when it was installed on Cherry Lane across from Laurel High in November.
Laurel Police Capt. Carl DeWalt (left) and Chief Richared McLaughlin… (Photo by Nate Pesce, Patuxent…)
July 21, 2011

Two of the city's six mobile speed cameras were moved to new locations this week: One on northbound Van Dusen Road, between Laurel Park Drive and Olive Branch Way; and another on Sandy Spring Road, near Phillip Powers Drive.

The cameras were installed and activated Monday, July 18, in anticipation of schools opening next month, according to city officials.

Other speed camera locations in the city include one on Seventh Street, at Main Street; two on Cherry Lane; and a second camera on Van Dusen Road. Cameras at Seventh and Prince George streets and on Dorset Road, near Scotchtown Hills Elementary, have been moved.

State legislators approved speed cameras as a way to make school zones safer for students, especially those who walk to school. To that effect, the cameras are only activated weekdays from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Laurel Police installed the city's first speed cameras in November, beginning with a camera on Cherry Lane near Laurel High School. Police said more than 800 violations were taped the first eight hours when the camera was used.

Drivers clocked speeding by the cameras receive $40 tickets in the mail. As required by state law, street signs are placed at the city's borders informing drivers that speed limits are enforced with cameras in the city.

Laurel Police Chief Richard McLaughlin has said the cameras were not installed as a revenue-generator for the city, but to protect students and other pedestrians.

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