Tim Kurkjian thinks the Orioles should trade Jeremy Guthrie

July 20, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Jeremy Guthrie no doubt impressed enemy scouts during Tuesday night's win over the Red Sox. The Orioles' top starter allowed two earned runs in seven innings of work, picking up (sadly) his fourth win of 2011 and improving his ERA to 4.35. Some contending teams are interested in acquiring Guthrie, whom Dan Connolly of The Baltimore Sun believes is "someone the Orioles likely would deal this month for the right offer."

Does ESPN baseball insider Tim Kurkjian think the Orioles should deal the 32-year-old right-hander?

“I think they should,” Kurkjian said Wednesday on “Vinny and Kenny” on 105.7 The Fan. “He’s certainly better than a 4-13 pitcher. He’s got very good stuff. I think he could help a contender with a change of scenery. And even though there is a question out there whether he pitches just well enough to lose, I think he could help somebody and I think it would help the Orioles to move him along and get something decent in return.

“Now if they can’t, then they shouldn’t move him. You can’t trade somebody who throws 95 miles per hour with great movement if you’re not going to get something for him, so I’m assuming they [will make sure they get fair value]. And they have to revamp that pitching staff, period, so maybe this is a good start. … If they get something decent -- and I mean decent -- for Jeremy Guthrie, I think they will and should trade him.”

Kurkjian doesn’t think the Orioles will get a haul for Guthrie, who is as a mentor to youngsters in the team’s revolving rotation, but said they could garner a respectable prospect at the July 31 deadline.

“He’s better than a lot of third, fourth or fifth starters out there, even on contenders, that’s how good his stuff is,” said Kurkjian, who used to cover the Orioles for The Baltimore Sun. “On a better team, in a bigger ballpark, he might be an effective pitcher for somebody.”

[Via 105.7 The Fan]

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