M&D Zingos win two Tri-State National Lacrosse Festival titles

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  • Liam McCaffery, who finished faster than many adults in the Centennial Fun Run, sets a fast pace at the outset of the race. The one-mile fun run is held in the Centennial neighborhood each summer.
Liam McCaffery, who finished faster than many adults in the… (Photo by Noah Scialom, Patuxent…)
July 20, 2011

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M&D Zingos

What started out as "washout" with torrential downpours for the Tri-State National Lacrosse Festival, with many players and parents stuck in traffic for hours, ended up being an outstanding weekend for the Zingos Lacrosse Club July 16 and . Of the seven Zingos teams that traveled to New Jersey, four made it past the first round of playoffs with two of the teams crowned the 2011 Tri-State National Lacrosse Festival champions.

The Zingos U-11 team ended round-robin play with a record of 2-2, which landed them as the third seed out of five teams in the South Division of the 10A bracket. On July 17, the Zingos U-11 defeated Laxachussetts, 6-3, in the first round of playoffs to advance to the semifinals.

The U-11 team got stronger with each game as the offense came alive and the defense got stingier. The U-11s defeated Team 914 Orange, 9-5, in the semifinals and Long Island Raiders, 10-3, in the championship to walk away as the 2011 Tri-State National Lacrosse Festival champions.

What made the victories even more momentous is the fact the Zingos U-11 lost July 16 to both teams they played in the final two games July 17 to claim the title.

After going undefeated (4-0) in round-robin play resulting in a No. 1 seed in their Division in the 12A bracket, the Zingos U-13 Black team easily advanced to the championship game to face Laxachusetts White from Massachusetts. The title game would not be so easy for the Zingos U-13 Black. The two teams traded goals throughout the game. The U-13 Black would eventually go up by three goals and it proved to be too much for Laxachusetts to overcome. The Zingos U-13 Black won their title, 6-3.

The Zingos High School Black team finished round-robin play with a record of 2-1-1, placing them as the fifth seed out of 18 teams in the South Division of the Senior A bracket. During the first round of playoffs, the HS Black team defeated Silverbacks to advance to the quarterfinals and face the Wet Bandits from Pennsylvania.

The game was an exciting and hard-fought. Although the HS Black struck first, the Wet Bandits eventually took a two-goal lead. The Zingos fought back to tie the game and in the final minutes of the game, the two teams battled back-and-forth with both teams having their opportunities, but did not capitalize. With 21 seconds left in the game, the Wet Bandits scored what would eventually be the game-winning goal.

The Zingos High Scool Blue team finished round-robin play with a record of 3-1. Along the way, they defeated teams from Pennsylvania and New York. Each game was highly contested. The HS Blue team's accomplishments would land them as the fifth seed from a field of 18 teams in the South Division in the Senior B bracket.

Sunday, the HS Blue faced a tough Titanium opponent in the first round of playoff that resulted in a 4-3 overtime win. The HS Blue would then defeated True North, 5-4, to advance to the semifinals. Despite the Zingos HS Blue's best efforts, they fell to a tenacious Greene Turtle team, 6-1.

Although the other Zingos teams (U-16, U-15, and U-13 Blue) did not advance past the first round of playoffs, each team split in round-robin play finishing Saturday with a 2-2 record.

Track and field

Eleven Howard County Junior Striders competed against athletes from all over the country and Puerto Rico at the AAU Club Championship Track & Field Meet at Walt Disney World, July 13-17. The first eight finishers in each event earned a medal and scored points for their team.

Junior Striders winning individual awards are:

400 girls (12 years old): 6. Jordyn Tate, 1:03.30.

800 girls (13): 7. Britt Lang, 2:33.06.

1,500 boys (10): 2. Hamzah Elhabashy, 5:19. (13): 8. Corey Hamilton, 4:51. Girls (13): 4. Britt Lang, 5:09; (17-18): 5. Tiffany Lang, 5:05.

3,000 boys (13): 4. Corey Hamilton, 10:21. (14): 4. Joseph Keating, 10:30. Girls (12): 8. Natalie Perkins, 12:34. (13): 2. Britt Lang, 11:23. (17-18): 2. Tiffany Lang, 11:04; 4. Caragh MacDermott, 12:06.

2,000 steeplechase girls (17-18): 2. Tiffany Lang, 7:59; 4. Caragh MacDermott, 8:58.


Centennial Fun Run

Adam Wytko won last week's Centennial Fun Run in 5:04 and Tammy Hermstein led the women with a 6:36 finish. The main attraction of the evening was Chalk Night when runner/artists decorated the driveway. Six awards were given for the best artwork.

Rita Dinneen Wible, Fun Run family mother, grandmother and great grandmother, died on July 3. Rita was a devoted Fun Run volunteer from 1998 until she moved to Ocean City in 2006.

The next Fun Run will be held on Tuesday, July 26 at 7:30 p.m. in the Centennial neighborhood. For additional information visit the Howard County Strider website or call 410-465-7735.

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