Stay safe


New Year's Eve is Amateur Night in the lexicon of some folks.

That's the night, according to those folks, when the serious drunks stay off the roads and only amateur drinkers venture out. Some police believe there are more people drinking and driving on any nice summer afternoon than on any Dec. 31.

Maybe so, maybe not, but we do know is that summer after summer people in Harford County and elsewhere get in trouble, get in accidents, get hurt and get killed. 'Tis the season when some folks don't pay enough attention to staying safe. Sometimes, it's out racing down a county road on a beautiful night. Other times, it's trying to cool off by getting in water unsafe for human frolicking. Other times, it's imbibing when you shouldn't (or at least to extremes you shouldn't). Still others, it's just plain misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's why they're called accidents.

The pages of this newspaper and our website (check it out when you get a chance) have already been filled with stories of misfortune and the Summer of 2011 is barely a month old. With blistering heat forecast for today (Wednesday) into the weekend, there's a chance for more. We hope not, but history tells us to expect more. Whether it's 2011 or in the pages of The Aegis from 50 years ago or 25 years ago revisited for our regular columns of Harford County history, there's always crimes, drownings, farming accidents, fatal crashes and the like sparked in part by the heat of the summer.

We regularly caution our readers, and we may yet again a time or two this summer, to be alert and to do what you can to be safe. Here goes again: Be careful out there.

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