Laura Ingraham continues Twitter war with Chris Brown, 50 Cent

July 20, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

How can you concoct a perfect Twitter war? 

1) Be a right-wing pundit with an active Twitter account. (Preferably someone sanctimonious.) 

2) Find a hip hop artist who isn't Will Smith with an active Twitter account. 

3) Listen to some of the hip hop artist's lyrics. 

4) Begin attacking. 

Such a scenario has been playing out over the past week after conservative commentator Laura Ingraham took issue with NBC featuring Chris Brown on the "Today" Show. 

On Fox News Ingraham (in between plugs for her book) ripped the network for giving Brown a platform: 

“Whatever you think of his music, Chris Brown beat his girlfriend to a pulp, he uses the N-word, the C-word, the S-word, the F-word, the most degrading, misogynistic lyrics in some of his top songs like ‘Look At Me Now' and he trashed the ABC studio, yet he is treated like royalty, the pope -- whatever the best analogy is -- on the 'Today' show," Ingraham said. 

Rapper 50 Cent got the Twitter war going when he tweeted after the incident that he was never going to watch Fox News again: "I just saw a clip on FOX news Hating on NBC for having chris brown on unbelievable. I'm never watching that again. ..." he wrote. 

Brown quickly retweeted this and then responded to 50 Cent: "@50cent don't worry bro.. They mad because of the level of real people who live in this world. Not to mention their ratings probably sucked." 

Brown then posted several freestyle raps on his feed, which Ingraham (her trap properly laid) promptly criticized. 

Ingraham then shot back more than either rapper (remember, she started this fued) posting seven insults to Brown and 50 Cent, including one as recent as an hour ago.

Here they are as of 10 p.m. Monday. 

•   "Half Dollar" makes my pt. Entertaners who brutalize wmen w/their actions&words & use "n" wrd 4 "artistic effct" r toxic

•  If you can't go 140 characters w/out profanity it's time to leave behind "da club" or start calling yourself "Quarter"

•  your grammar and syntax are on par with your "music." Did you write lyrics for "Look at me now"? Classy.

•  's repertoire: misogyny, homophobia, and now ageism. Pray 4 him.

• Will  repudiate his misogynistic, vile fans or allow them to commit virtual assault and battery?

• TMZ reports  is a "neighbor from hell," loud & disruptive. I'm shocked.

•  only used the f word about 6 times in his rap attack against me. Does this mean we're making progress?

In my opinion, all sides in this feud look pretty stupid, but Ingraham has the rappers playing her game. She started the war with her segment on Fox, suckered Brown into responding (50 Cent joined in on his own) and now has done more than the two rappers combined to instigate the Twitter war and keep it going. 

Keep in mind that Ingraham has 64,000 Twitter followers; Chris Brown has 3.5 million and 50 Cent has 4.8 million followers. 

The rappers don't need any additional attention to sell records. My guess is Ingraham could use the attention to help sell her book -- and if either of them actually referenced her in a major song, I have to believe she would love it. 

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