Need to Know: Crabby behavior

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July 20, 2011|By b staff

This week, we're talking crabs. 'Tis the season! So we asked our staff and friends: What one piece of advice would you give an out-of-towner about eating crabs? It is an art after all.

When someone dumps on your table a bunch of ugly-looking, eyes-bulging, mustard-dripping crabs, it's not a joke. That's actually how we eat them. — Luke Broadwater, managing editor, b

Don't. Don't eat them. Don't cave to peer pressure. Just don't. — Anne Tallent, editor, b

Don't be afraid to get dirty. Bonus, obvious advice: beer, beer, beer. — Wesley Case, reporter, b

You will see people with orange-brown stuff on their fingers. They will suck it off their fingers. Don't let them know it bothers you. It's like not showing fear to a bear in a wild. — Jordan Bartel, assistant editor, b

If you find ovaries in your crabs, you have made a poor choice in crab joints. Relocate. I speak from experience. — Molly McLaughlin, intern, b

Don't wear nice clothes while you're eating it! Between the butter, seasoning and crab juice, it's a wardrobe no-no. — John-John Williams IV, reporter, the Baltimore Sun

Don't ask for a bib to wear in Baltimore! You'll get laughed at by the server! — Mick Lee, Z104.3

A mallet and knife are useful, but what's essential is wild abandon. You eat those crabs! — Colleen Dorsey, intern, b

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