The Baltimore 100: Things we love about this place

(Baltiomre Sun photo/Gene…)
July 20, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Mary Alice Yeskey of Charm City Cakes is one of the 100 people we asked what they love about Baltimore. Turned out a lot of people love to eat and drink. You can read them all in the July 24 Sun Magazine, or look at the online photo gallery right now.

Take a look at the food, drinks and restaurants that Baltolebrities people told us they love. And find out what chefs like Cindy Wolf, John Shields and Bryan Voltaggio enjoy about Baltimore when they're not making food for everybody else.

Here's a link to the photo gallery, and here's a printable list.

Have you figured out where Mary Alice Yeskey is?

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