Stay active and have fun in senior years

July 19, 2011

When we first spent some time visiting and looking at various retirement communities, I remember being advised by one wise resident (who knew what he was talking about), "Don't wait too long!" Having read both Ann Egerton's op-ed ("Leaving home and heading for 'the home,'" July 5) plus the response from Linda Rains Allman ("Retirement living is what you make of it," July 16) and having moved to our new "home" (Fairhaven) four years ago while we were both in good health, both viewpoints resonated with me.

Although we had many friends who reacted with, "You're moving where?" we have found the timing was right. We have enough energy to allow us to be actively engaged in all the programs offered here as well as volunteer work at nearby schools. Naturally, we would all like to maintain our good health for as long as possible. At the same time, we need to be aware that our approach is as important as our planning.

Once you get by the "paring down" phase as you leave the life you made when it was filled with jobs, children, and old friends, it all boils down to attitude, which is what Ms. Allman article was talking about. And, indeed, you can make it as full as you want with new adventures, new friends, and new challenges. It's all there for the choosing. For instance, we have a Wii bowling league with many of the participants who run up high scores from motorized chairs. Having the right attitude, they would rather join the fun than miss out on it.

Diane Hamilton Boynton, Sykesville

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