Harris has it right: Let states enforce pollution law

  • Our Monday editorial criticizing Rep. Andy Harris for voting to diminish federal authority over water pollution generated some spirited responses from his defenders.
Our Monday editorial criticizing Rep. Andy Harris for voting…
July 19, 2011

The recent headline about Andy Harris and the Clean Water Act quickly caught my eye ("No defender of the bay," July 18). It has been quite clear since Mr. Harris first entered politics the liberal gang at The Sun has set out to destroy him. Strangely, when you arrive at the gates to heaven, "the ends justified the means," isn't likely to impress St. Peter.

At no point do you say it, but may I infer you imply that unlike the federal government, the state governments have no interest in clean water? Apparently, the elected in Annapolis, Richmond and Harrisburg drink nothing but merlot — as opposed to the water from the tap guzzled by the champions of the people in Washington!

Why not come to the point? You've a fellow traveler in the White House and his Environmental Protection Agency is hell bent on total control of liberty-loving Americans' lives. Braking Mr. Obama and his EPA is breaking rule by fiat. Leaving clean water decisions to states will allow for diplomacy and compromise, something Republicans are always encouraged — no, berated — to consider.

Next year, I intend to write a check for the Harris campaign if nothing more than to spite you — that is if The Sun hasn't yet set by next year.

William Colley, Millsboro, Del.

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