Stage is set for Dixon in 2015

July 19, 2011

In reference to your editorial about Sheila Dixon ("A Dixon comeback?" July 14), I can only say, well, why not? Remember, the ex-mayor of Baltimore was only found guilty of embezzlement, a slap on the wrist type of a crime. She was only playing "Robin Hood" for herself and family members and no one told her about being a team player to the poor folks of Baltimore. Perhaps she did not see them standing around on our city street corners or at night lying in the streets. I think her fur coats had such large collars that it covered her eyes.

Bring her back as mayor of 2015 and maybe this time she won't be caught wearing stylish clothing while riding on a sanitation truck. How can you look down at her now? Three of the current city council members don't even know where to live. They have to tell us they live in the city, but they maintain residences in the county. Isn't that crazy? We had one showing reporters his underwear. Another is looking for a tax break in Randallstown. And don't forget the who lives with her boyfriend in on theInner Harbor.

Meanwhile, the clerk of the court can't seem to find time to collect monies that are due for the city because it's not his job, but the sheriff's responsibility. Remember, Ms. Dixon, the man you appointed Baltimore Police Commissioner to fight crimes? Well, he has cooled down in labeling our criminals thugs. Could be he has been very busy taking college courses online.

So, Ms. Dixon, you certainly can run for your old job as mayor in 2015. Baltimore really needs you back, not only in fighting crimes but helping our city schools, cleaning up the trash, and perhaps secretly hiring people and robbing from the poor. Maybe you can start by donating your $83,000 annual city pension benefit to the poor. I bet Bea Gaddy would sit up in her grave and sing, "Thank you, Lord."

N. Terry, Baltimore

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