Obama administration should not recognize Libyan rebels

July 19, 2011

I fail to understand how the Obama administration can legitimately recognize a Libyan rebel group as the official government of that nation ("US recognizes Libya's rebels" July 16). Aren't there some important constitutional and Congressional procedures that are being omitted?

I have opposed to the American intervention in Libya since the get-go. Our bombings, drone attacks and undercover mischief lack congressional mandate, and under the War Powers Act, the war is illegal.

I have no idea who the Libya rebels are, and as yet no clear-cut leadership has emerged. The State Department lawyers also have argued the rebels do not control enough Libyan territory to be recognized as a sovereign government. Unfortunately, Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton are gung-ho to support this group.

In case anyone has been paying attention, America's extra-governmental action bodes ill for our future. I believe the rule of law still has legitimacy, especially when it comes to killing people and breaking things.

R.N. Ellis, Baltimore

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