Donna Bannon is June Employee of the Month

July 18, 2011

Donna Bannon, an administrative assistant with the Department of Inspections, Licenses and Permits, has been chosen as Employee of the Month for June.

Bannon, an eight-year employee with Harford County Government, was nominated by Debbie Sickenberger, Cindy Lykens and Suzanne Wentzel from the law department.

Bannon was nominated for designing an exercise program for county employees.

The three nominators stated that by participating in the exercise program, they have all reaped the rewards of fitness with better health and increased energy.

"Donna put this class together on her own time. She prepares the room, and purchased bottled water, towels and exercise bands for the participants at her own expense," they wrote in the nomination.

Debbie Sickenberger stated: "Because of this class I am now exercising at home on days the class does not meet. Donna's class has been a catalyst to a healthier lifestyle."

Cindy Lykins stated: "Having this class in the building after work is so convenient and really helps me put exercise first."

Suzanne Wentzel added: "Donna has put a lot of work into organizing and keeping the class going. I feel she is helping to improve the health and morale of her coworkers."

Commenting on the award, Harford County Executive David R. Craig stated: "I congratulate Donna for her hard work and dedication in helping her coworkers in Harford County Government chose a healthier lifestyle. Her commitment to physical fitness is commendable and we are all grateful for Donna's volunteer work in helping others gain the benefits from regular exercise."

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