Jody Landers receives endorsement from Blue Man

July 18, 2011|By M.M. McDermott

I was all ready this weekend to pull together a diatribe complaining about just how tepid the marketing for the mayoral election has been. But then I saw the above photo.

With the exception of Otis Rolley's polished branding campaign, everyone else in the field has failed to put out anything that transcends a project in Microsoft Paint.

Enter BlueManBmore. What mayoral candidate Jody Landers has lacked in dynamic advertising, he's certainly made up for in ... well, I'm not sure. But I remember it.

In an age of Scotty Donahoo and Joe "Mr. Tire" Tomarchio, this could nestle in quite nicely amongst Baltimore's commercial quirk-stalgia. Can't say if there's more strategy to it than photo opps at this point, but BlueManBmore has a Facebook page, a blog and an email account ( And I'm paying attention. Anyone want to venture an explanation for this one?

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