Sheila Dixon still thinks her only crime was getting caught

July 16, 2011

I simply want to throw up after hearing about Sheila Dixon's attempt to influence the city's current political scene. What are these people thinking? It makes me lose respect for any candidate who would listen to her.

Aren't we concerned about passing on any values of rightness and responsibility to our children? Here is a woman so narcissistic she has yet to deliver a sincere apology or ask forgiveness from those she once served.

She really believes she committed no sin other than getting caught, and that her "good deeds" outweigh the bad.

Now we have a mayor who is sincere, hard-working, ethical and smart. She conveys the values we desperately need in a world where seemingly anything goes.

We've gotten Ms. Dixon out of office. Now what will it take to make her just shut up?

Joyce Wolpert, Baltimore

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