The Ark deserves our support

July 16, 2011

The news that The Ark, the only state-accredited preschool for homeless children in Baltimore, is losing its home and has not found another location is heartbreaking ("Preschool on the streets?" July 13). The Ark gives the homeless children of Baltimore an excellent academic and nurturing start to prepare them for kindergarten. When I volunteered there, I was so impressed with the program — equal to any private preschool — including the teachers, the director Nancy Newman, and the sweet and curious children.

I keep hearing that we are spending too much, that we have to cut back, that nothing can be done and that we just don't have the money. Everyone throws up their hands and says it's too bad.

This not a public program, but I believe the city must step up to the plate if that is what it takes to find a new home for The Ark. These children deserve a chance — the same chance I gave my two children and those of you reading this gave yours.

Don't throw up your hands and say it's too bad. Someone reading this has a building. Many people reading this can get involved: Talk to people, call City Hall and tell them how vital this program is. Call the Episcopal Community Services and ask how a concerned citizen can help. How can we fail these children?

Anne C. Stalfort, Baltimore

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