Are you ready for some NFL training camp?

July 15, 2011|By Peter Schmuck

News item: Speculation continues to swirl that the NFL owners and players are on the verge of a handshake agreement that would signal the end of the labor stoppage and allow the teams to start getting ready for the 2011 season.

My take: A settlement seems so close at hand that even I'm starting to believe that the opening of training camps will only be delayed for a week or so. Release the balloons.

News item: Now for the second act. The NBA has laid off 11 percent of its central office staff, but insists that the decision to cut 114 jobs is not "directly" related to the lockout that began two weeks ago.

My take: Of course it's not. I'm surprised anyone would even suspect that.

News item: Three Orioles, including manager Buck Showalter, were suspended after a weekend of purpose-pitch intrigue in Boston, but only one Red Sox player (David Ortiz) was suspended, and the name of manager Terry Francona was curiously absent from the list of suspended participants even though one of his pitchers was ejected after a bench warning.

My take: That's a bit unusual, but MLB vice president Joe Garigiola Jr. apparently overruled the umpiring crew and decided that the hit batsman by Red Sox rookie Kyle Wieland was unintentional, so he chose not to levy the usual suspension on his manager. That may be logical, but it isn't going to stop paranoid O's fans — and maybe Showalter — from thinking that the Orioles did not receive equal justice from the commissioner's office.

News item: New Maryland football coach Randy Edsall and basketball coach Mark Turgeon will earn a combined $3.9 million plus incentives, according to information obtained in a public records request.

My take: I'm sure this will spawn some intellectual hand-wringing over our skewed educational priorities, but all will be quickly forgiven if the Terps return to prominence in both major men's sports. In other words, just win baby.

News item: The judge in the Roger Clemens perjury trial declared a mistrial on Thursday after prosecutors played a videotape that exposed the jury to a piece of hearsay evidence that had been ruled inadmissible. U.S. District Court judge Reggie Walton scheduled a Sept. 2 hearing to determine whether Clemens will be retried.

My take: Though I'm on record saying this trial was a big waste of taxpayers' money to begin with, I'm still amazed that Walton called the whole thing off over a prosecutorial infraction that did not even draw an objection from the defense.

Bonus take: Do you really believe it would be "extremely prejudicial" for jurors to hear that Andy Pettitte told his wife the same thing he was expected to tell the jury later in the trial … and already told the world during the congressional hearing that forms the basis for the charges against Clemens? I've got to think that Walton could have simply instructed the jury to disregard something most of them probably knew already, but it looks like this may get Clemens off the hook for good.

News item: The New York Mets traded closer Francisco Rodriguez to the Milwaukee Brewers for two players to be named later, even though K-Rod had originally designated the Brewers as one of the teams he could not be traded to when he signed as a free agent with the Mets.

My take: Turns out, his agent never officially filed that list, but K-Rod isn't complaining about going to the Brewers, who are in contention and are managed by Ron Roenicke — the bench coach in Anaheim during his salad years as the Angels closer.

News item: Showalter said on Thursday that the All-Star Home Run Derby has become "unwatchable."

My take: Wait a minute. Isn't it impossible to make that assessment without watching it?

News item: Agent Joel Segal might need a lesson in semantics after telling that whoever signs receiver Randy Moss will be getting the "old Randy Moss."

My take: I'm pretty sure he's going to be right either way.

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