Dixon comeback: Too early to forget and forgive

July 15, 2011

I must admit that I rarely agree with the Baltimore Sun's viewpoint on major issues but I would applaud the editorial written about Sheila Dixon ("A Dixon comeback?" July 14). Sometimes, I think we forget all too quickly the arrogant acts of strong, opinionated politicians.

How can anyone forget that this woman literally stole from the poor by keeping gift cards that were meant for them? The editorial lists all of the various kickbacks and favors that she managed over her time in the Baltimore City Council and as mayor. The most horrendous act listed in the entire article was that she had not apologized to the city for these deeds.

What kind of example does this set for people who look to their leaders for guidance? How can we teach our children to respect leadership when those in power use it to control others? I challenge the current administration, and also the candidates running for this term, to keep themselves above reproach. Please do not forget that you are in a position to effect change and that the city is watching you.

Sharon Drell, Baltimore

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