CEO pay costly to U.S. global competitiveness

July 15, 2011

If anyone is wondering why American jobs are being shipped overseas "because the costs are lower," you need only look at what we are paying our CEOs versus what over countries are paying theirs. According to a recent letter writer, while we are paying our CEOs an average of 340 times the median salary of a worker, Japanese CEOs make 10 times what their workers earn ("Is an American CEO worth 10 times a British one?" July 13). How hard is it to understand why Japanese cars are less expensive than American cars?

Another thing that struck me is that Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour, takes home about $1.25 million while Mayo Shattuck, the CEO of Constellation Energy Group, makes $15 million. It looks as if Mr. Plank has the good of his company at heart, while Mr. Shattuck is only interested in cleaning the coffers of Constellation. How can one person possibly be worth that much money? How can he spend it all?

Dani Rice, Bradshaw

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