Laurel Little League's 11/12 all-stars place second in championship


  • Laurel Little League's 11/12 all-star team.
Laurel Little League's 11/12 all-star team. (Courtesy photo )
July 15, 2011

Laurel Little League's 11- and 12-year-old all-star team placed second in the District 4 championship after losing to South Maryland, 17-0, in the championship game July 14.

In the tournament, Laurel defeated South Baltimore, 14-2, then lost to South Maryland, 18-3 in the second round. Laurel went on to defeat South Baltimore, 11-0, in the third round, and Arbutus, 6-5, in the fourth round.

Team members were: Christian Martinez, Angel Ceballos, Shawn Hamilton, Luke Boulter, Noah Alders, Mike Young, Jordan Abbott, Kevin Martinez, Carter Stephens, Nicholaus Severson, Matt Henderson. Paul Tyler and Haroun Savage. The team was managed by Billy Hamilton, and coaches were Josh Hamilton and Sherwin Maggay.

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