Parody: Marcus Bachmann dances in flashy red underwear

July 15, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

It seems that Michele Bachmann's husband, Marcus, and his counseling clinics are the new favorite punch line for political comedians. 

With his "pray the gay away" therapy tactics under scrutiny, Marcus Bachmann has been lampooned all week on Comedy Central. Most of the jokes have centered on comedians' belief that Bachmann himself is secretly gay and therefore a hypocrite. 

The Second City Network has joined this line of humor with the below video. In it, the Bachmanns are repulsed to even kiss each other and Marcus breaks out dancing in flashy red underwear. 

(Bachmann, for his part, is denying his counseling methods are "anti-gay" and says an interview in which he compares homosexuals to "barbarians" was "doctored," ABC is reporting.

The funniest line from the clip might have come at the end when Michele Bachmann, having solved marriage, turns to solving foreign policy. 

"And I'm so glad to be here where Napoleon met his final defeat," she says of Waterloo, Iowa. 

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