We need a new 'America First' policy for government spending

July 14, 2011

My friends and I recently sat around talking about where our tax dollars are being spent and where we want our tax dollars to go. We want them spent here, in America. On America's soil and on America's people.

Here's a novel idea. Why not spend our tax dollars on things that would benefit Americans?

We need teachers. They are great for building trust and confidence and teaching right from wrong in little minds. They are very influential in the way children treat each other and these children will grow up to treat other adults in a respectful way. Give our teachers a raise and give our students air conditioning so they can learn and be better citizens.

Fix our roads and cracked pavement so we can be proud of our cities and towns. Give our environmentalists money to find better and greener ways of getting power to our homes, offices and schools. Find sources of energy to power up our cars and buses.

We would also like our celebrities and sports figures to give back to this country first. This country that is supporting them in the lavish and spoiled lifestyle that they have been accustomed to. Not all, but most, of them have no contact with homeless families, food banks, or veteran's hospitals. They are driven around in limos with big jewelry, expensive pocketbooks and clothes thrown at them for free. They fly on private jets, eat free in the best restaurants while being surrounded by security. We spend our hard earned dollars on their shows and games. It should be their obligation to give back to America. It isn't mandatory, we can't tell people how to spend their money, but it would be nice if they would build schools here or build safe buildings for the homeless here.

USA first! We, the people, want our money to fix us first. No other country is giving America money to help fix us! Please, senators, congressmen, advisors, Mr. President, help fix America with American tax dollars. Let's start a new slogan: America First!

Edy Cohen Bondroff, Baltimore

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