Md. horse breeders aren't the only ones against higher taxes

July 14, 2011

I awoke Monday to news the horse racing industry is in trouble ("Md. horse farms fear tax break will be cut," July 11). Yet I was not at all surprised by Sen. Barbara Mikulski's negative comments regarding Republicans, specifically that they want to "get rid of teachers."

As usual, the Democrats and The Sun paint Republicans with a too broad brush. What the writer failed to mention is that, in the sausage-making process required to solve the federal deficit, the Republican leadership has taken a principled stand to insure that no American's taxes are raised. This is the point that should have been emphasized.

In this terrible economy — an economy that President Obama now owns — neither Chestertown horse breeder Cynthia McGinnes nor any other hard-working American deserves a tax increase, and I applaud the Republican leaders in Washington who are fighting for all of us.

Sandra Clisham, Parkton

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