Baltimore is in worse shape that most people realize

July 14, 2011

Thanks so much to Mary Jane and Dan McCann for stating the truth that none of this city's officials want to talk about ("Sun lets Baltimore police off the hook for failures," July 10).

It is so funny how they all keep their mouths shut. When Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was running for office, she praised Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III by saying the streets in Baltimore are safer to walk now than they were when she graduated from high school. I must have not been living in Baltimore when she left high school.

The shooting of a 4-year-old on July 4th was terrible. How stupid can people be to think they can fire a bullet into the air without risking it will hit someone when it drops? This city is in deeper trouble than most people think, even with all the crime that's covered up.

And that's not all. What about when they ask you to come forward and tell what you know and say they will protect you, then transfer you to another place and don't bother to notify authorities that you you're there? These are just a few of the things that boggle my mind.

Jim Staton

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