Meet records set in 30th Laurel Invitational

July 14, 2011

The 30th annual Laurel Invitational brought some of the best swimmers from Laurel City, Montpelier, Russett, West Arundel and West Laurel to Fairland Aquatics Center July 10. Since Laurel-based summer recreation teams usually compete in different Prince-Mont Swim League divisions (with the exception of Montpelier and West Arundel, who are both Division C), the Invitational is a chance for swimmers to compete against others from all divisions.

Meet records were set by Montpelier's Dylan Buehler, 28.10 in boys 13-14 50-meter fly; Russett's Taylor Hicks, 36.84 in girls 15-18 50-meter breast; and West Arundel's Kellianne Venit, 37.01 in girls 15-18 50-meter breast.

Triple winners were Allison Ritter, Russett, girls 9-10 50-meter free and 25-meter breast and back; Suzannah Mills, Montpelier, girls 11-12 50-meter free and back and 100-meter IM; Thomas Brown de Colstoun, Montpelier, boys 11-12 50-meter fly and back and 100-meter IM; Dylan Buehler, Montpelier, boys 13-14 50-meter fly and free and 100-meter IM; Eric Brothman, West Laurel, boys 15-18 50-meter fly and back and 100-meter IM; and Taylor Hicks, Russett, girls 15-18 50-meter fly and breast and 100-meter IM.

Double winners were Olivia Clark, West Arundel, girls 8 and under 25-meter breast and back; Max Bagileo, West Laurel, boys 8 and under 25-meter free and breast; Micah Norsworthy, West Arundel, boys 9-10 50-meter free and 25-meter breast; Jay Venit, West Arundel, boys 9-10 50-meter breast and back; Olivia Petrusky, West Laurel, girls 13-14 50-meter fly and 100-meter IM; Paris Hicks, Russett, girls 13-14 50-meter free and breast; and Kellianne Venit, girls 15-18 100-meter free and 50-meter back.

High points winners were Olivia Clark and Max Bagileo in 8 and under; Thomas Brown de Colstoun and Suzannah Mills in 11-12; Dylan Buehler and Paris Hicks/Olivia Petrusky (tie) in 13-14; and Eric Brothman and Taylor Hicks in 15-18.

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