Young person, recently arrived, actually gets Columbia

July 14, 2011

I had an interesting coffee shop conversation the other day. The young lady who served me commented on my accent and then asked how long I had lived in Columbia. This prompted quite a string of opinions.

We don't often hear from this age group. Here is what she said.

"Wow, you were here from the beginning."

"I came from Ohio five years ago. This is utopia."

"This is a great place to live."

"Everyone is different here. It is really great."

"All my friends say the same thing: If we do leave Columbia, we will come back. We know there is no place like this anywhere"

"Some people say they are going to pull down trees and build more town houses. Why would they do that when there are so many empty houses?"

"People don't realize it is possible to live here. You don't have to go outside Columbia"

"We should stick to what Mr. Rouse wanted."

She had to stop and serve another customer. Now I wonder what else she was going to say. She was on a roll.

I suggested she write to the Columbia Flier and express her opinions. This is just in case she doesn't.

Brian England

Hickory Ridge

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