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July 14, 2011|By b staff

b and HeidnSeek Entertainment have joined forces to introduce singles of the month. Meet Mr. and Miss July.

Lives: Towson
Hometown: Towson
Education: Towson University
Occupation: IT Support
Interests: Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, cultural activities
Best personal traits: Personality, style and openness
Worst personal traits: Too adventurous, fashionably late, M.I.A
Turn-ons: Women with style, intellect, open-mindedness
Turnoffs: Last-minute bailouts, selfishness, closed-mindedness
Last movie you saw: "To Live and Die in L.A."
Celebrity crush: Jess Wright (local celebrity)
Ideal date: Drinks at a not-so-crowded bar or restaurant
Best Baltimore date spot: Ra Sushi
Where you’ll find me: Get Down Fridays, anything that HeidnSeek sponsors.

Morning person or night owl: Late-night hours in the a.m.
Live to work or work to live: Neither
Beer, liquor or wine: Mojitos and sangria
Talker or listener: Constantly listening in the late night
Cooking in or dining out: Dining out
Republican, Democrat or independent: Independent
Leno, Letterman, Coco or Chelsea: Leno

Lives: Towson
Hometown: Bel Air
Education: Robert Paul Academy of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences
Occupation: Hair stylist and make-up artist
Interests: Everything!
Best personal traits: Outgoing, independent, creative
Worst personal traits: Maybe a little too independent. Little patience. Super-spender -- I can justify any purchase.
Turn-ons: Ambition, honesty, humor
Turnoffs: Smokers. Guys that think they are God’s gift to women. People with nothing to say.
Last movie you saw: "The Hangover Part II"
Celebrity crush: Can't say I have one
Ideal date: Anything from dinner and drinks by the water to jet skiing or snowboarding! Surprise me :)
Best Baltimore date spot: Pazo, Mezze, Ra ... I love food!
Where you’ll find me: HeidnSeek's Rock and Soul Music Showcase

Morning person or night owl:
Night owl
Live to work or work to live: Work to live
Beer, liquor or wine: Vodka tonic with a lime
Talker or listener
: I’ll stop talking if you are interesting enough to listen to ;)
Cooking in or dining out:
Dining out
Republican, Democrat or Indepedent:
Social liberal, fiscal conservative
Leno, Letterman, Coco or Chelsea: Letterman

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