Celebrate National French Fries Day on the boardwalk

July 13, 2011|By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman | The Baltimore Sun

Well, where else would you celebrate National French Fries Day but on the Ocean City boardwalk, shoving down handfuls of Thrashers fries. (Don't forget the vinegar!) I guess you could go to Belgium, where the idea of cooking potatoes in oil is believed to have originated.

But, really, who even knew there was such a day? And with recent studies that show French fried potatoes are certain to pack on the pounds - we didn't need a study to tell us that! - this seems a too-perfect opportunity to fry up some love for the much-maligned potato.

Other than Thrashers, where else can you find awesome French fries in Ocean City? I've had good ones at Sunset Grille. Any other places? (Check out our list of Top 100 Beach Eats.)

And if you're not at the beach and need a recipe for making the best homemade fries ever, check this out.

Also, Boardwalk Hotel Group is running a deal where if you book a stay at Days Inn or Howard Johnson's you get a free bucket of Thrashers fries, along with some other goodies. Use promo code THRASHERS and book by tomorrow.

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