The public library needs your help

July 13, 2011

I read with interest your recent article entitled, "Pratt and Baltimore County libraries to share nearly $1 million bequest." As the story notes, Margaret "Peggy" Peterson, after spending her career as a librarian in Baltimore County, left a lasting legacy through her generous donation in support of two great public libraries.

During these times of fiscal uncertainty, members of the general public can play a vital role in helping to ensure financial stability for our libraries. First, they can enlist the support of our elected representatives to advocate for enhanced library services. Second, just like Peggy Peterson, they can also help to garner financial support for libraries from potential donors, such as local businesses, community groups, or even from their own families.

I can think of no better or more lasting legacy to the community than a donation made to support public libraries. Library donors can look with pride to what their donation of funds, in whatever amounts they can afford to make, do to help make the Baltimore area a great place to live.

Jeffrey Smith, Nottingham

The writer is president of the Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library.

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