Another vote for paying down the debt voluntarily

July 13, 2011

Some may call letter writer Ronald Thompson a fool for wanting to send money directly to the government to reduce the national debt via an Internet site to be established by the White House ("Send Uncle Sam whatever you can spare," July 11).

Well, I think it is a fabulous idea. If we can use the Internet for all sorts of worthy charity drives and come up with millions of dollars, why not use it for the good of our own country and our people? We may not come up with $14 trillion, but whatever it comes to, as he stated, it can decrease taxes, interest rates, and prevent reductions to Social Security, Medicare, student loans and government jobs.

And what better month to suggest this than July, the month of our Independence? And all he suggests is a dollar each or if you have more, give more. So I am using the Internet to contact the White House with his suggestion as he desired. And for those who will say, the politicians will just spend more, I say there is more than one way to deal with that. If we don't get this staggering debt lowered, all our taxes will be going overseas just to pay the interest on our debt!

Myra Welsh, Cockeysville

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