Times are hard enough without lectures from Washington

July 13, 2011

While it is nice to see President Barack Obama talk to the American people more ("Obama calls GOP bluff," July 12), I don't think he has the mix right and speaks condescendingly toward us about the deficit. I am a Republican who is constantly reconsidering becoming an independent due to its leadership of both the House and Senate.

I do my best to eat my peas — and mind my Qs — but I find it humorous to be lectured about corporate jet owners from the president when he and his family appear to be the biggest jet users around (and not on corporate money, but paid by the taxpayers).

An economic downturn is the best way to see who is really true to what they say, be it wives wanting as much as they can get, employers breaking promises, government adding on to our financial burden, or a president that uses so much jet fuel when most people are scraping together gas money to get to work.

Everyone seems to have more designs on my money then I could possibly have these days. I walk to work, stopped the fantasy of buying lottery tickets, and added instant noodles as a food staple. The end result is that I work much harder and get by on less. Because of divorce, I've grown accustomed to living on a small life raft. But these days, I am struck by the sheer number of people sharing my boat.

Michael W. Kohlman, Parkville

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