On debt, our politicians fail to lead, and we let them get away with it

July 13, 2011

We the people of the United States of America are frustrated with our government. If Congress fails to provide a reasonable solution to the debt crisis, maybe our apathetic population will take to the streets like the Greeks in Athens or the disgruntled in the Mideast. We have more than enough cause for serious protest.

During the Depression, Congressmen cut their own salaries. It's past time for them to do that again. Instead, our Congress recently voted themselves a cost of living increase that they denied to recipients of Social Security. Our Representatives are seriously considering cuts to Medicare benefits because Congress has its own separate but unequal health insurance.

Congressmen receive far too many perks. The country club, the gym and extravagant travel are just a few of the expenses that can easily be reduced without causing pain to the taxpaying citizens of this country. There are 535 members of Congress who are privileged characters that prosper at the expense of the people without performing the job they were elected to do.

Originally, members of Congress received compensation of only $6 a day, and that was only if they actually showed up. In recent years, Congressional salaries, pensions and benefits have soared to astronomical amounts while attendance has been sporadic and vacations are frequent.

Looking at other cuts that can be made without causing the weakest in our society, the old and ill, to suffer, I suggest we could stop funding many research projects and immediately end the policy of donating billions of dollars to others all over world. Many beneficiaries of our charity happen to be our enemies.

Please fellow citizens, get up, stand up, speak up. Why are we going about our daily lives as if the status quo is acceptable?

Susan Wolf Dudley

The writer is a retired professor of political science at the Community College of Baltimore County.

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