Car race takes precedence over fixing what's wrong with the city

July 13, 2011

I opened The Sun paper today to read about the four homicides this past weekend in the city. The death of a father from Alabama at the Inner Harbor Fourth of July festivities still resonates as a hot topic. Many people in the surrounding counties refuse to venture any longer into the city, and for legitimate reason.

Improprieties among teachers and administrators at city schools were recently in the headlines. The homeless issue in the city is growing at a very brisk rate. A ride through certain Baltimore neighborhoods reveals multiple blocks of vacant, boarded houses. At one time, these communities were vibrant and thriving places to raise a family. Sadly, they are just bleak edifices that await the demolition equipment to transform them to a useless pile of brick and mortar. Urban blight is glaringly evident in many pockets of the city.

And through all this, the city is abuzz with the coming Baltimore Grand Prix, the profits of which will be misappropriated as usual.

A car race takes precedence over all that is wrong with our city, and begs to be addressed, sooner than later?

Really, Madame Mayor?

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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