Bike rush was great part of parade, dark images were not

Letters to the Editor

July 13, 2011

For the third year running, I rode with my daughter on July 4 in the bicycle rush in the Towson Fourth of July Parade.

Neighbors and unknown spectators cheered as she passed them.

My heart swelled as these people encouraged her, telling her that not only is she safe, but has an important place in our community.

Thank you, parade goers, for encouraging the children of the bicycle brigade. You are a legendary crowd!

However, I am not happy about another legend of the 2011 parade.

The "Legends of the Fog" unit was, in my opinion, a legendary flub for the parade committee.

Independence Day is a time for the community to celebrate life, liberty, courage, sacrifice and all things honorable about our people and history. There is no place for macabre themes in an Independence Day parade.

The exhibit, "Legends of the Fog: Infection, Evacuation, Devastation," to me, celebrated death, hatred, fear and misery. If the title wasn't a give-away to the parade committee, perhaps they could have looked at the promotional materials, which featured a putrefied head with glowing green eyes.

In the parade, characters dressed as bloody monsters and villains with chainsaws paraded the streets attempting to hand out flyers to a stunned, silent and unresponsive audience.

Not only were parents shocked, but children were frightened and confused about the horror displayed. I noticed one young mother who pointed out the oncoming aberrance to her husband, who then led their small child away to protect him.

Unfortunately, most of us were unprepared for such a display in our usually wholesome parade.

Towson parade committee: What were you thinking?

Michael Boyes


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