This band's going places

July 13, 2011|By Pat van den Beemt

I just finished writing a story about a local band, RailAway, whose album “Dirty Water” will be released at the Recher Theatre on July 22.

The five guys in their early 20s were so thrilled to have a story done on them that they fell over backward to help me. I listened to them play, then interrupted their rehearsal to sit each one down and ask questions.

I was struck by several things.

First, they were polite. Their attitude could have been “We’re way too cool to be wasting our time talking with a grandma who doesn’t even know how to read music” but instead their demeanor was “We will answer all your questions and help you any way we can. We’ll even offer you a band T-shirt.”

I was also impressed with the fact that they managed to get this CD done all on their own. Nobody’s parents bankrolled them. Instead, they set up a band bank account and put every dollar they earned into it. When they had unexpected expenses, the account dipped. When they needed more money for recording studio time, they went out and played more gigs.

And they did all this while going to college and holding down part-time jobs.

The next time I hear somebody railing away about today’s young people, I’ll get them to talk with RailAway’s Chris Diller, Brian Diller, Anthony Oliver, Alex Waicker or Gordon Covington.

Thanks guys. I can’t wait to do another story on you when you’re rich and famous.

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