Friends who sleep with your man, MTA bus drivers and more rants

July 13, 2011

To the girl with friends who sleep with the guys you bring around: YOU NEED NEW FRIENDS.

For the MTA bus drivers, I understand if a bus is 15 or 20 minutes late, but 2 hours late ... What’s the excuse for that?

The one day a week trash pick up should go back to twice a week.

When will the Oriole apologists finally admit that they’re just a sorry excuse of a baseball team? 

I don’t answer you because you have no self-respect! You’re an awesome person, but you keep giving me too much power. If I don’t answer, then leave me alone! Stop being so needy!

I wish people would check their brakes and turn signals rather than cut me off and make me brake hard.

If the government stopped “supporting” so many people, maybe there would be less money issues.

I think it’s funny that you can’t have a criminal record to work at my job, but my boss has outstanding warrants.

Stop spitting out of the bus windows. It is nasty and unhealthy [for the] people walking by.

Stop smoking at the top of the escalator at the metro. Your stinky smoke blows back onto the rest of us, idiot!

I hate when my boyfriend butt-dials me during sex with another woman.

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