Like/Dislike: Jana Hunter of Lower Dens

The guitarist/lead-singer likes Kraftwerk, Harry Potter

(Lower Dens )
July 13, 2011|By Wesley Case

While her band, Lower Dens, has experienced some shake-ups this past year (the latest: lead guitarist Will Adams left in April), lead singer and guitarist Jana Hunter remains the cornerstone of the acclaimed Baltimore rock band. She spoke to b for the new Like/Dislike feature, which asks interesting Baltimoreans about their interests and tastes in pop culture, entertainment and more. See Hunter and Lower Dens at Golden West Cafe Saturday.

What's on your iPod? 
Sade and Kraftwerk.

What song are you hating right now?
The song of the morning bird. I am awake too soon.

Last concert you went to?
Radian and Sprayer at Floristree. Sprayer is Cex and Jeremy from Ponytail's emo band.

Last movie you saw and liked?
"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

Last movie that left you underwhelmed?
I will not be underwhelmed.

Favorite book you recently read?
I'm reading [Ray Kurzweil's] "The Singularity is Near." I bought it, but loaned it immediately, and now it's made it's way around the van and we're up late nights drinking and discussing computational methods and our laughable intuitive linear approaches.

Last video that made you snort with laughter?
Garbage Day.

Program you compulsively DVR?
I found out what DVR was this weekend.

Last great meal you had?
I pretend I wrote this after I had the BBQ I’ll eat for breakfast with Nate [Nelson, Lower Dens' drummer] this morning in Birmingham, Ala.

Favorite place to get a drink?
In my living room on the hearth. I like Club Charles, Mt. Royal Tavern, Kitty’s Lounge.

Favorite store?
The True Vine.


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