Couple arrested for having sex on the beach in Ocean City

July 12, 2011|By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman | The Baltimore Sun

Unless you’re having it on ice in a cocktail glass with a pink umbrella, sex on the beach is illegal in Ocean City. And most other public beaches.

It’s a touchy subject and I hesitate to even bring it up, but it seems some folks aren’t aware that you could be arrested for lewd behavior, indecent exposure, perverted practice, disorderly conduct and other charges, if you’re discovered doing something illicit on the beach, no matter how beautiful the moonlight. And it doesn't matter what kind of sex it is - still illegal.

A young couple from Pennsylvania was arrested recently in Ocean City for just such an offense. The teenagers were allegedly engaging in a sexual act about 150 feet from the Boardwalk, near Atlantic Avenue and 10th Street. The police report - from a plainclothes officer - said the lovers were seen by dozens of people, including several small children.

Both were arrested and charged and hopefully sent home to their parents for a lesson on how to behave appropriately in public.

A spokesperson for Ocean City Police said that the issue comes up occasionally, especially during the summer months when the town is filled with visitors.

The penalty for indecent exposure could include a fine and even jail time, which would seriously ruin your fun in the sun.

So order up a Sex on the Beach cocktail, light on the schnapps, but keep your clothes on.

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