Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2011: What's missing from the line-up?

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July 12, 2011|By Erik Maza | The Baltimore Sun

Back in March, when we asked readers who they'd most like to see at Virgin FreeFest, they had some ambitious wish lists: Mumford & Sons, Girl Talk, and Florence and the Machine. One person wanted to see the cast of "Glee." Meanwhile, Grizzly Bear, and locals Wye Oak and Rye Rye also got a bunch of mentions.

No doubt when the line-up for this year's festival was finally revealed with much fanfare Monday, they were disappointed to find out those acts hadn't made the cut. Nope, not even "Glee," which should have made the cut if only to see Patti Smith's reaction to them.

Part of it is a matter of logistics. Florence and the Machine will have just come off the big U2 tour. Mumford & Sons don't seem to have many shows planned. Then there's all the other considerations that come with planning the festival - budget, musical sensibility, yada yada.

I was surprised, though, to see a lack of local acts - even though, someone like J. Roddy Walston and the Business, for instance, are available, and are a regular presence on the festival circuit.

Over at Louder Now, Wesley Case adds that the line-up is also light on hip-hop acts, where last year organizers made an effort to book T.I.  - who later pulled out - and Ludacris.

What else is missing from this year's line-up? Who else would you have liked to have seen?

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