Seal released into the wild in Ocean City

  • Members of the National Aquarium's Marine Animal Rescue Program release Guinness, a gray seal, back into the wild in Ocean City.
Members of the National Aquarium's Marine Animal Rescue… (National Aquarium Photo )
July 11, 2011|By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman | The Baltimore Sun

A gray seal released back into the wild off the coast of Ocean City seems to have found the Atlantic waters to be just fine for swimming.

Guinness, a young male seal, was stranded off the coast of Kittyhawk, N.C., back in March. St. Paddy’s Day to be exact. (That explains the name.) The seal was transported to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, where he was found to be dehydrated, slightly emaciated and in need of medical help for a broken lower jaw.

The seal underwent surgery, gained about 30 pounds eating 7 pounds of fish a day, and then was released back into his natural environment by the aquarium’s Marine Animal Rescue Program.

Since then, Guinness has traveled hundreds of miles. The seal was outfitted with a satellite transmitter that allows aquarium officials - and even you! - to track his progress, as well as monitor the migration and feeding patterns of these animals.

So, like any good visitor to Ocean City, Guinness had a bite to eat, splashed around for a bit and then headed north. The seal seemed to bypass Delaware, but otherwise appears to be sticking fairly close to the coast.

As of July 6, Guinness was just off of Rhode Island - and he didn't have to pay any tolls.

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