Illegal immigrants do the work others refuse

July 11, 2011

The letter to the editor responding to Dan Rodricks' column supporting tuition breaks for children of illegal immigrants merits a response. ("Tuition break for illegal immigrants not a principled stand" Readers Respond, July 2.)

First, these so-called illegal immigrants are being employed by our fellow Americans. And these Americans don't seem to be bothered by the immorality of offering these hard-working people sub-standard wages. Second, most "legal" Americans (even those out of work) don't want these mostly backbreaking jobs. Third, my assumption is that the letter writer is the descendent of immigrants, as am I. But my Irish side ancestors (forced to leave Ireland during the 1850s potato famine) and all other immigrants in those years and earlier could sail or walk across our borders without restriction — there were no "quotas"; there was no such thing as "illegal" immigrant. And finally, the safeguards that the letter writer dismisses prove that the families of the eligible students are paying their way inMaryland.

Donald T. Torres, Ellicott City

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