Lil Wayne is 'Back' and not as good, at least according to him

July 11, 2011|By Wesley Case

Need help getting up to speed with Lil Wayne? Here are the important tidbits:

•••• His new mixtape, a stopgag release and a literal apology for making his fans wait for his new album, is titled Sorry For the Wait. It drops Wednesday.

•••• Last Friday, Weezy's team liberated the opening track to the mixtape, "Tunechi's Back," a short but furious take on Rick Ross and Meek Mill's extra-hard street anthem "Tupac Back." Wayne hasn't forgotten the portion of his fanbase that might not like "How to Love," and he uses "Tunechi's Back" to tap into his street resources. "I'm the one with the money, so I ain't the one with the gun / All I do is give the word to the one with the gun," he raps rather plausibly.

•••• As of now, Tha Carter IV will be released Aug. 29.

•••• The prison stint hasn't slowed down the drug talk — Wayne's girl "sniffs more lines than a barcode" — or his Blood affiliation ("And all my n----s Bloods but we make you n----s bleed").

•••• Sorry For the Wait will be a mixtape similar to No Ceilings, as in Wayne will be tormenting other rappers' beats. I hope he raps over "Racks" (heavy on the Auto-Tune), "Marvin's Room" and "I Do It."

•••• He was quoted as saying he wasn't the best rapper alive anymore ("I ain’t saying I’m the best no more, because these niggas is too good these days. I got old," he told XXL recently). This made me sad and left me experiencing a sense of denial that was new to me. Snap out of it, dude!

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