Herman Cain drops gospel album

July 11, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

There's so much more to GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain that just making pizzas and running for president. Cain's little-known, years-old gospel album has just hit the Internets. 

The first reviews are in -- and apparently Cain's a pretty money singer. 

The Daily Caller's Matt Lewis gives it his approval: "This is actually pretty darn good. He has a great voice." 

Mediaite's Frances Martel also liked some of Cain's vocals: "It’s mostly standard gospel fare and mostly slow tracks at that, with one standout single: 'This is the Day,' a fast-paced track reminiscent of 'Footloose' that certainly wins the prize for funnest danceable track on the album." 

Listen below and decide for yourself: 

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