Cool ad watch: Kenny Powers named CEO of K-Swiss

(YouTube screen grab )
July 11, 2011|By Luke Broadwater

Is there a better way to market your product than naming "East Bound & Down's" Kenny Powers your CEO? 

That's just what K-Swiss did with its new YouTube marketing campaign. 

The videos -- which in true Powers style are profane (cover your ears children!) -- feature cameos from Michael Bay, Matt Cassel, Jillian Michaels, and MMA Champion Jon "Bones" Jones, among others, who now apparently help Powers run the company. 

K-Swiss now has a new slogan too: "Shut up and buy them." 

The ads keep with a tried-and-true marketing approach: Why convince people of the superiority of your product when you can make them laugh? 

Videos are below (after an awkwardly long amount of white space). 

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