Finding money for family and friends

July 11, 2011|By Liz F. Kay

At least I'm not the only one!

Eileen described in her Sunday column about unclaimed property databases how a family acquaintance had spotted her husband's name on an Indiana attorney general website, reminding them to collect more than $1,200 in a long-forgotten bank account.

Have any of you ever tipped off a friend or relative that they had some money coming to them?

I've periodically checked my own name in the search engine on with no hits, but in March I must have been bored, because I also ran my parents and sister through the system.

Lo and behold, my sister's name popped up, with money surprisingly owed to her by her current employer.

But just to warn you --- don't bank on being able to spend that cash right away. The state agency my sister contacted took more than two months to send her a letter that it would take an additional 90 days to verify who she is and how much money she was entitled to receive.

If you've got a tale of missing money found, please share it in the comments below. And what do you think would be an appropriate finder's fee? (That does not apply to my sister --- I will likely never pay off my tab for all the rides she has given me within my lifetime.)

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