Inner Harbor violence: Will Baltimore critics now avoid the B-W Parkway?

July 09, 2011

While I understand the reactions to the two incidents that occurred July 4th ("Shooting and stabbing mar holiday," July 5) at the fireworks, it sickens me to see the outpouring of negativity toward our wonderful city.

It is an insult to our mayor and men and women in the police and fire departments to say that the city was "out of control" and comparing the city it to a third world country. These dedicated employees put their lives on the line everyday doing the best they can to keep us safe. Throwing reckless and malicious insults around by our citizens and fellow politicians is just plain mean. I have lived in downtown Baltimore and own a business in the city for over 25 years and I would not live or work anywhere else. Maybe tomorrow the naysayers can write in about how horrible the Baltimore-Washington Parkway is after the incident yesterday ("Bizarre attack closes parkway," July 7 ) and how it's "best to stay away from it" because of horrible policing of the highway.

Steve Appel, Baltimore

The writer is owner of Nouveau Contemporary Goods, Inc. Whitehead & Appel Interior Design.

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