Schmuck: It's time for O's to let Guthrie try his luck elsewhere

July 08, 2011|By Peter Schmuck

News item: Orioles No. 1 starter Jeremy Guthrie got bounced around by the Texas Rangers in his most recent start and now is 3-11 with a 4.23 ERA. He is on pace to be the losingest pitcher in baseball for the second time in the past three seasons, despite a respectable career ERA and solid statistical ratios.

My take: It's time to let the guy go somewhere he can have some success. He's still a valuable pitcher with a quality arm, but he's wasting away in Baltimore and he isn't going to change the outcome of this season one way or the other.

News item: Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino and White Sox slugger Paul Konerko will play in Tuesday's All-Star Game after winning Major League Baseball's "Final Vote" — an unrestricted online election to determine the final player on the National and American League All-Star rosters.

My take: Got no gripe with either player, but does it bother anyone else that home-field advantage in the World Series might be determined by a player elected to the All-Star team in a corporately-sponsored process that openly encouraged unlimited ballot-box stuffing and clearly favored the players from the biggest baseball markets?

Bonus take: No? Well, I guess it's fine then.

News item: Negotiators for the NFL owners and players continue to hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement under cover of a court-issued media gag order, with labor experts predicting that they'll be able to announce a settlement by the end of next week.

My take: That wouldn't surprise me, but I'll believe it when I see them shaking hands at the news conference. By most accounts, the major issues have been largely resolved, so why are we still wondering whether they'll be able to play the Hall of Fame Game on Aug. 7?

News item: Ray Lewis takes a comic turn in "Field of Dreams 2," a football spoof of the classic baseball movie on Will Farrell's Funny Or Die website.

My take: What's the big deal? We all knew Ray could act. Haven't you seen his Old Spice commercials? Now, if only he could dance, he would be the complete entertainment package.

News item:, a highly reputable celebrity gossip site (oxymoron alert), is reporting that Michael Phelps has a secret girlfriend in Canada.

My take: Well, considering some of the other stuff that has shown up on the Internet over the past few years, I guess we should be happy he finally has learned how to keep a secret.

News item: Jury selection has begun in the trial of superstar Roger Clemens, who faces six felony counts for perjury, making false statements and obstruction of justice in baseball's seemingly endless steroid scandal.

My take: I'm a big fan of the rule of law, but I'm not a big fan of spending millions of dollars to prosecute a player for allegedly lying during what was — essentially — a political show trial. Wake me when this one is over.

News item: New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman has opened an antitrust investigation into the NFL lockout, citing the economic damage the football work stoppage will do to the state and citizens who depend on the sport for their livelihood.

My take: Schneiderman appears to be a little late to this party if he really intends to mount a lawsuit against the NFL. However, if he's just another politician hoping to grab some headlines and take some credit for pressuring the league to end the labor stalemate, he's right on time.

News item: Hall of Fame tight end John Mackey, who helped lead the Baltimore Colts to the NFL title in Super Bowl V, died Wednesday after a long battle with dementia. He was 69.

My take: Though No. 88 revolutionized the tight end position and brought much joy to fans of the old Colts, his greatest contribution to the sport may have been his early leadership in the battle for better health benefits and working conditions for NFL players. Godspeed.

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