Your turn: What's the one thing the Orioles must do differently?

July 08, 2011|By Matt Vensel

The Orioles are plummeting out of contention, having lost four in a row, nine of their past 10 games and 18 of their past 24. They are 15 games back in the AL East -- can you believe that it's up to 15 now? -- and most of their recent losses haven't been close as they have lost three of their past four games by a touchdown.

Suddenly, a team that started the season with promise has become totally unwatchable. When you have no issue with your girlfriend flipping over to “Real Housewives” during an O’s game, you know things are bad.

And they could get worse before they get better. The Orioles could -- make that should -- be looking to trade away veteran players such as Vladimir Guerrero, Derrek Lee and Koji Uehara, which means they would have to dip into their shallow minor-league system for reinforcements. And as Jeff Zrebiec pointed out on the Orioles Insider blog, how bad will the rotation be if Zach Britton and Jake Arrieta are shut down?

The O's are in danger of becoming an afterthought. The Ravens are expected to be back in business any week now, and with the way the Orioles are playing, the NFL lockout will be quickly forgiven.

But if the Orioles can close the season like they did a year ago, casual fans will tune in for Orioles games again instead of “Real Housewives” or whatever else they have been watching lately.

So how can the Orioles do that? Give me your take. A year ago, it was the combination of new manager Buck Showalter, the return of Brian Roberts and an excellent final two months from the rotation.

Your turn: I know the Orioles’ current struggles are the result of a myriad of issues, but what is the biggest thing the Orioles must do differently to turn things around in the season’s second half?

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