Eliminate the national debt: Send Uncle Sam whatever you can spare

July 08, 2011

I would like for everyone to call the White House and ask that an Internet fund site be opened for those who wish to donate directly to reduce the national debt. Maybe the White House can make the donations tax deductible. I would like every American who can afford it to give a dollar, and those who can afford to give more, to do so. We can directly reduce the national debt immediately.

The high national debt affects tax rates, interest rates and other personal finances. I believe that reducing it will help Americans feel comfortable to go spending again which, in turn, will help other economies of the world. Let's extend the Internet site so that people around the world can give a dollar as well. When the American economy is in good shape, the rest of the economies seem to also do better. If America has helped you in one way or another, return the favor, give a dollar to help reduce the American national debt.

Ten years from now if someone asks you, "What did you do to help America when America was at war and America had a very high national debt?" I would like to answer that I gave what I could to help, instead of doing nothing at all. I already know that we can never eliminate debt entirely, but helping to reduce it directly with immediate donations would have a positive impact on the U.S. economy. Giving a donation to reduce the debt could prevent a reduction in benefits including Social Security, Medicare, student loans, and government jobs. It can also decrease taxes and interest rates.

Join in with those who care and help reduce the national debt.

Ronald Thompson, Baltimore

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